Wiggly Wonderland, Lab Rat & Squirrels

Hey Everyone!

Wiggly Wonderland

Wiggly Wonderland

The run up to Christmas is feeling official now that Slime Rancher have launched Wiggly Wonderland with the Twinkle Slime again this year! I still have one ranch decked out with chimes and echoes from last year so technically don’t ‘need’ more, but I really want to find them all! For those of you who don’t know Wiggly Wonderland is a special event running from 18th – 30th December. The magical Twinkle Slime rises into the air when you get close (no food needed to pop it) and it sings before disappearing in a flash of light leaving a magical range of chimes that play a tune when you run through them. I’m rubbish at knowing what the songs are but I’m sure someone out there will be able to fill us in. You can leave the chimes where they are if you want or you can gather them up to use as you choose. Thankfully, the Twinkle Slime leaves behind a teleporter back to the ranch so it’s easy to move them back and store in the Chime Changer. Be warned – the teleporter is only there for one day, so you have to be quick! I shall be doing a video every morning again, even Christmas Day, so don’t miss out!

Lab Rat

Lab Rat

In other gaming news I am really grateful to Gwen Frey at Chump Squad for having given me a key to a beta demo of her upcoming game Lab Rat. This developer is awesome, having already released Kine. Like Kine, Lab Rat is a puzzle game but this time involving lasers, cubes and an AI that sees nothing wrong with electrocuting you! What’s not to love?! I have recorded the short demo and put it out on my YouTube channel. Please check it out. I’ll keep you all posted on when there is a release date for the full game. It’s on my Steam wishlist already! There are just not enough puzzle games out there!


In other news I’ve had a brilliant couple of days out in my local area – visiting National Trust gardens and Sefton Park in Liverpool. I’ve thrown a lot of monkey nuts to squirrels – when I say ‘to squirrels’, more thrown and hoped the squirrels can work out where they have gone as my aim is not awesome!


Like lots of you I’ll be having a quiet run up to Christmas to limit the chances of spreading Covid to any loved ones over the festive period. I will be home with just my Mum and Dad on Christmas Day but I’m really lucky in that my Auntie can be part of our bubble on Boxing Day and we will be meeting outside for a small celebration. I know it will be different for everyone this year but hang in there, it won’t be this way forever.

Enjoy the countdown to Santa!

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