Haven Park

It has been a busy spell in the gaming world with lots of new releases including Haven Park. I was fortunate enough to be given a copy on its Steam release date and having played and recorded the entire game I now feel able to tell you guys all about it.

Haven Park

Haven Park is a peaceful exploration game where you take on the role of a chick called Flint. He has started work at his Grandma’s park which has become rundown and is in need of maintenance and repair. It’s your job to explore the entire park, make the camps, get everything running again, speak to the campers and complete a series of quests. You do this by gathering materials such as metal, wood and fabric and then putting them to good use around the park and at each camp.

Haven Park is a completely friendly game where death is not an option! Think of it as a charming game where you can completely relax. The controls are simple and responsive, and the landscape is forgiving. To be honest, it is hard to know how you can go wrong in it! The Park is a good size and a map fills in as you find new areas. It even comes with a helpful checklist to confirm when all tasks within an area have been completed.

I really enjoyed the day/night cycle. If you don’t want to stay awake during the night (the paths can be hard to see at this point even though Flint carries a fire torch) then you can always sleep in a tent – as long as it is not occupied by a camper of course! The night cycle will be essential at some point though if you want to complete all quests as fireflies can be gathered for one guest and independent of the quest they can be placed in lanterns.

The terrain is interesting as you have the extremes of snowy mountains and barren areas devoid of life. Other highlights have to include firing yourself from a cannon and flying a hot air balloon.

Haven Park is for those of us who are looking for a game without threat but one that offers a sense of achievement and escapism.