Samorost 3

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Samorost 3

I thought I’d do a post about the point and click puzzle adventure game, Samorost 3, by Amanita Design. I realise that I’m a little behind the times with this game having been released in 2016 but with their more recent release of Creaks (which I shall be playing next) I was drawn into Samorost. Who wouldn’t be delighted by a space gnome with a dog who travels alien worlds in a spaceship with a magical flute?! It is a game that from its description alone promises so very much and then delivers everything I could have wanted.

The graphics of Samorost 3 are beautiful. The scenes are detailed with delightful characters, my favourite having to be the giant anteater-like creature of the final world. I was incredibly fortunate to be given the Cosmic Edition of Samorost 3 which is available on Steam and this includes a 170-page digital artbook which shows the developmental drawings of planets, landscapes and characters. It certainly made me appreciate the imagination and creation of the game so much more. Not least of all because stickman figures are my limit!

Samorost 3 Anteater

The story is told beautifully through the expressions of the characters, soundtrack and delightful book that the gnome finds. It starts with the space gnome discovering a flute outside of his home and then setting off to a mixture of planets, moons and asteroids to learn about the flute’s origin and ultimately setting right many wrongs caused by one power crazy individual with a robotic three-headed dragon.

Samorost 3 Yellow Planet

The game has many puzzles to solve but none are so hard as to leave you struggling for hours or so easy that you wonder why they are there. If you do get stuck there is a hint book which is delightful. On bringing it up it reveals insights into the area you are in with pictograms to follow and decipher. I haven’t seen anything like it before, always having been forced to struggle with a game until success or relenting and looking online for help. Here there are clues should a gamer find themselves struggling for longer than they like.

On completing the game there are further achievements you can collect and little surprises to still find. My favourite was found upon returning to the space gnome’s home and looking through his telescope. It is possible to spot a character from Chuchel, another game from Amanita Design. It is my understanding in that game that the character, Chuchel, has to overcome puzzles to retrieve a much longed for cherry. Finding that in Samorost 3 certainly made me smile and look forward to playing Chuchel in the near future.

If you want to see for yourself don’t forget you can watch my Samorost 3 playlist here.

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