Kine is a charming 3D puzzle game about three musical machines hoping to find their big break. Guide these dreamers through a delightful tale of love, labor, and loss as they struggle to form a band and find success on the main stage.

Practicing Accordion

Recording Studio: Pre-Roll

Recording Studio: Take One

Recording Studio: Improv

Looking For Work

The Daily Grind Month One

The Daily Grind Month One 9-16

Playing Trombone Solo

Falling in Love

Tunnel of Love

Some New Dance Moves

Shall We Dance?

A Lovers Quarrel

Dancing Alone

Big Gig - Jazz Club

Big Gig - Local Theatre

Big Gig - Music Festival

The Big Break

Euler's Soliloquy

A Strange Duet 1-6

A Strange Duet 7-11

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