A Monster’s Expedition

Hello Guys!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these uncertain times.

Amazing Frog? V3

It seems to have been a quiet week in the gaming world for me. I’ve continued to have fun finding my way around Amazing Frog? V3. For a first release there has been a lot to explore already. I had a few bugs which made recording slower than I hoped – getting out of a car has the possibility of returning my frog to Swindon and using the binoculars by the bridge left my frog free-falling down to a piece of coastline I really didn’t recognise! They may be temporary glitches but can’t detract from the absolute joy of a floppy farting frog!

A Monster’s Expedition

A Monster's Expedition Blog Header

The biggest achievement has got to be having finished A Monster’s Expedition! Finding the museum exhibits was one thing but getting all the snowmen took the puzzling to a whole new level. For those that haven’t seen it yet you play the character of a monster who is keen to learn! He travels around a ‘museum’ which is a series of islands that can only be reached by pushing down trees to form bridges or rafts. After finding all 143 exhibits you can then take your monster to find snowmen who are waiting to be his friend! This is much trickier than it sounds as you often have to reset trees you have already used and do numerous laps of islands to get a network of rafts and bridges in order to get to the island with the snowman on. With 52 to find it was no small feat!

It really is a very good puzzle game with quirky jokes about human behaviour on the exhibits. You certainly get a lot for your money with this game and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they do next. If you are interested in seeing what it’s like for yourself or if you are just stuck (we’ve all been there!) then feel free to check out my timestamped videos here.

Take care everyone! Happy gaming!