Amazing Frog? V3

Hi All!

January is off to a flying start thanks to Amazing Frog?! Gaz and Hal have been working their socks off for sometime now to bring us V3. In fact, it came out Christmas Eve which totally threw me! After waiting so long I had no idea the update was that imminent! It got off to a bit of a rocky start with lots of people unable to load the new version or play without glitches so I have to be honest and say I held off trying it. Within days though there was an update and after Gaz putting my mind at rest that we wouldn’t lose everything from V2 I took the plunge and installed it.

Amazing Frog?

Anyway, Amazing Frog? V3 is sort of like a whole new game. I play on Steam and on starting up Amazing Frog? you can choose whether to load the new V3 or the old V2 – now called Legacy. V3 starts us off in the Hideout on the sofa just like normal but the first thing you will notice is the graphics. They are so much cooler than they used to be! You see that everywhere as you move throughout Swindon. The second thing you will see is that all of your costumes have not transferred across. Don’t panic! V3 has a whole new cool way of collecting costumes that are now called onesies. You have to go in search of action figures. Each box contains a frog dressed in an outfit that will become your new onesie. All you have to do is hand them in at a new building in Swindon called Fantasy Bazaar. The action figures then get displayed in the cases in the store and when you go back to check out your changing room you will find it hanging up. Few points to note here – the brown toilets no longer exist for collecting costumes and the changing room is mahoosive! According to the back of the action figure packets there are 69 to collect but to my knowledge there are currently 11 and 2 special onesies to pick up. A slight bug I’ve found is that the action figures do not always stay on the shelves in the Bazaar after you leave the game and go back in. The onesies do stay in the changing room though. I messaged Gaz who as always came straight back and said it is a display bug that he will work on at some point. I’m sure when the display cases are filled with cool frog action figures it will be awesome! If you are wondering where they are then check out my latest videos:

Six Action Figures in Swindon – this includes Naked Frog, Santa Frog, Grinch Frog, Police Frog, Penguin Frog and Star Frog.

Five Action Figures in Swindon – this includes Ballet Frog, Agent Frog, Retro Frog, Captain America Frog and Big Frog/Titan Frog.

There are a couple of hidden costumes as well just to add to the excitement of the update. In true Amazing Frog? style we have a Christmas onesie and Champion Trash Collector onesie. What more do you need to kickstart 2021?!

As well as the action figures we also have floppy discs to pick up. These give us things like cars, bicycles, foam shapes and trampolines. You can then place them in the car park at Swindon from the computer in the F.A.P.S. room next door to Fayju’s office. So far, I’ve done videos showing:

Five easy-to-find Floppy Discs in Swindon – showing locations for the Classic Trampoline, the Swindon Transport Cannon, the West Country Customs Wooden Crate, the Fart Gyms Trampoline and the Large Orange Traffic Cone.

All the Floppy Discs in the Arenas – giving you all the foam shapes you could ever imagine, a pink dinghy and a bicycle!

We are missing a lot of stuff at the minute such as guns, jetpacks and sharks but I’m sure it will all come back. In the meantime, I suggest enjoying flipping between the two versions and having the best of both worlds!

Catch up with you all soon!