Wiggly Wonderland

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas and that 2021 is better for you all.

Wiggly Wonderland

In my gaming world the Christmas highlight was without doubt Slime Rancher’s Wiggly Wonderland and the introduction of the Twinkle Slime! Nothing says Christmas quite like a singing floating ball of silver slime that explodes to leave a pattern of chimes behind! I know the chimes are positioned to play a tune but to be honest I never have a clue what the tune is. Some of you guys are far better at that then me. We even got some new instruments for the chime changer this year so now have a choice of 9! Which are your favourites? I have to say the marimba because I found it so hard to say! I hope those of you who play were able to collect all of them as well as the New Year special – that was a nice surprise.

The extra memory for my laptop also arrived and my dad installed it. Hopefully, that will start to help with Fe and Supraland which were a bit laggy at times.

I don’t think I have much news! I spent the day before Christmas Eve in hospital but thankfully it didn’t get in the way of my recording. The restrictions in the UK were tightened just before Christmas Day so I’m sure things were very different than what a lot of you imagined, not just in England where I am, but across the world due to Covid. I hope everyone remained safe and well. I got to see my Auntie as we are part of a support bubble. We had a picnic in a country park. In true mental fashion we even set up a fake Christmas tree on top of Christmas tablecloths and picnic blankets which was fine until the storm blew in and started trying to take the lunch away! It was one to never forget!

Here’s to a brighter 2021!