Supraland Crash DLC

Hi Everyone!

The last few weeks I seem to have lost myself in gaming. Having completed Tohu I returned to Supraland. I was spurred on by the promise of the release of Supraland 2: 6 Inches Under later this year and wanted to have completed the earlier games in the series. This naturally led me onto the Crash DLC!

Supraland Crash

Crash requires the base game Supraland but it is not essential to have completed Supraland before starting it, though given the similar mechanics I recommend it! You continue to play as the Red Prince from Red Ville but you are left stranded far away from home after your rocket ship crash lands. On leaving the spaceship you have all upgrades and weapons stolen and it becomes apparent that finding them is not going to be your only task. You need to get home and scientists in the workshop require a great deal of scrap metal to build a new rocket ship capable of the journey.

The areas you can explore and the puzzles you can complete grow across the course of the game as the retrieval of your items lead to new solutions in the environment you find yourself in. There are also mini quests to compete and races to win which also yield scrap metal rewards. The key I find is talking to all NPC’s as they are carefully placed to encourage you along the way. Though if you find yourself completely stuck one NPC (a jester) is always ready with some hints.

The biggest difference in this game from the base game is the relative lack of combat. The first game was heavy in defeating enemies but in this game enemies are few and far between. Rather helpful at the start given that your MacGuffin Gun has been taken! Intriguingly the skeleton enemies still have a purpose. Their defeat leaves a pile of bones which is required to activate levers needed within puzzles. For some people this change seems a bit dramatic but for me a game with more focus on the puzzles and the manipulation of items within the world is a delight. The ever-growing possibilities of what you can do keeps old areas fresh. I for one can’t wait to see what the next game holds.

Happy gaming!