Hi Guys!

It’s been a wintry week here and with lockdown restrictions tighter than ever in the region I am in, there has been plenty of time to snuggle in the warm and game. As I said in my last post, I had been lucky enough to be given two indie games. One was Nectar of the Gods, the other is called TOHU.


TOHU is a gorgeous point and click adventure puzzle game from Fireart Games and published by The Irregular Corporation. You play as a little girl who lives in a place full of fish planets. This girl can also change into another character, Cubus. Unlike the nimble and small girl, mechanical Cubus is strong and with some of the puzzles that will be called for!

Their world is powered by the Sacred Engine which has been damaged and must be mended to save the planet. Each fish world you visit is unique, with stunningly detailed artwork, curious creatures and puzzles to solve. I’m about halfway through the game at the moment and so far the puzzles haven’t been too taxing. It’s more of an enjoyable difficulty level then an infuriating one leaving plenty of time to relish in the design of the worlds and listen to the music done by Christopher Larkin. You may recognise this award-winning composer from his magnificent work on Hollow Knight. Since playing that game I really began to see just how much the soundtracks can add to the game and that has definitely been what Christopher has done here.

I still have a way to go but am loving the journey through the worlds. If you want to see for yourself don’t forget you can catch up with my videos here.

Edge Magazine

On an unrelated note I have just taken out a subscription for Edge magazine. I’m really looking forward to getting my first copy sometime in the next month. To be honest I really took it out after their piece last month on Hollow Knight: Silksong. I then saw it had covered other games that I have recently recorded including Lab Rat and A Monster’s Expedition. It’s nice to see some indie games getting into magazines such as this one and receiving the recognition they deserve.

Stay safe everyone!