YouTube, Supraland & Christmas

Hi All! I hope that everyone is keeping well.

YouTube Troubles

Hollow Knight

It’s been an interesting week for me in the world of YouTube! For starters I received an email from them saying I had a copyright claim. It really means that they thought I was using a creator’s work and as such shouldn’t make any money from that video. I have to say that so far I’ve earnt £1.20 and have had the channel for over 2 years so that part was not a big concern! I didn’t like the thought that I had done somebody wrong though and that bit bothered me. I always try to be careful in my choice of games for recording to ensure that the developers are happy for their games to be recorded and shared and I hardly ever use music from any other sources as I know it has caught youtubers out before. The claim was on Hollow Knight for a piece of music within the video. Thankfully, those guys are amazing and the artist, Christopher Larkin, was already aware that it was coming up for lots of people and looking into it as it is an error. It was a huge relief!

More YouTube Troubles

Secondly, if any of you have been trying to leave me a comment and found them disabled on a video, I’m sorry and please let me know! YouTube have decided to start disabling comments on some of my videos even though the comments are all held and verified by my parents before being made live. We’ve tried live chat with the support team and they cannot see why it is happening. Grrr! I shall keep checking videos but if it affects you please try again later or post to me on another video, through Facebook or Twitter or here. I always like to hear from you all.



I have paused playing Fe, much to my Mum’s relief. Don’t worry I will be getting back onto it. I’ve just found that my gaming laptop has been lagging whilst playing it. I have some more memory on order which I’m hoping will fix the problem. In the meantime, I’m loving ambling around and problem solving in Supraland. I can’t believe it has been out for so long and not been on my radar! Having played Hollow Knight I really seem to have got into these Metroidvania games! I’m hoping to steam through the base game and first DLC in time for the release of the second one. Well, ‘steam through’ might be a bit ambitious! I can’t get enough of it at the mo though so I don’t think that will be a problem! Remember guys, if you think of a game I might like just let me know. I’m always on the hunt for new (or not so new) content!


Fingers crossed that those of you who celebrate Christmas are getting set for the big day. Our Christmas trees are already in position and the one in the front room seems to be rather pink! The whole room has a pink hue at night which is rather weird for people walking by! My mum says it wasn’t the effect she was going for, but I’m not convinced!


Autism Self-Awareness

Last thing for this week and a personal one instead of gaming. It was suggested that for my autism I try self-awareness sessions. We were helpfully given two audio files to listen to – one is 3 minutes long and the other 9 minutes. I thought I would try to embrace it and leap in with the 9 minute session. When someone tells you it is a self-awareness session what do you think will happen? Let me tell you! You sit there being told to focus on each part of you in turn. In essence it is a detailed list of body parts from each eyebrow to your scalp. It even labels 5 different bits of your forearm! I can barely tell my left from my right let alone worry about dividing them up further than that. I was aware of leaving the session confused. If that was the goal, I nailed it!